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Dr Xydas was born in 1979 and graduated from The English School (Nicosia) with Grade A. He successfully entered Bristol Medical School (UK), from which he graduated in 2006.


He became a member of the London Royal College of Physicians MRCP (UK) and London Royal College of Endocrinology & Diabetes after passing successfully the relevant exams.

He has worked in numerous hospitals in the United Kingdom, namely the Bristol Royal Infirmary, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Queen Alexandra University Hospital and Southampton University Hospital, where he has also worked as a locum consultant at the Southampton University Hospital.


He is currently working  as a Consultant at the KBC Medical Centre in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Internal Medicine, while maintaining a special interest in Andrology and man's health.


Dr Xydas has worked in Diabetes leading centres in the UK and has started formulating an interest in the field early in his career.

He has worked alongside Professor Richard Holt, who published pioneer research in the psychologial impact of diabetes. Dr Xydas has worked with Professor Holt treating young patients with Diabetes as well as clinics dealing with Diabetes in Pregnancy. Through this experience, Dr Xydas has formulated a special interest and experience in the psychological aspect of diabetes in young people with Diabetes.

A highlight of his education, was the work he has done with Professor Christopher Byrne, who is pioneering in leading worldwide research in lipids. 



It is clear that one of the biggest burden in the appropriate insulin dose choice is a difficulty in calculating carhohydrates. Patients are lacking accessible tools which are simple and easy to use.

A particular difficulty in the Cypriot / Greek population is the lack of availability of resources on the local choice of foods.

Regarding the people who try to control the calorific intake, the biggest problem is an underestimation of the calories contained on the foods we consume.

A work has done in 2017 onwards, initially as a hobby, which was then developed in a project that currently contains a database of over 400 food choices. Each food was photographed by Dr Xydas himself and the calorific value as well as carbohydrate counting was performed paying particular attention to accuracy.

The vision behind this webpage is to help people with Type 1 Diabetes who perform carbohydrate counting, as well as people with Type 2 Diabetes who would

like to have a better understanding on the

nutritional value of foods, the young woman with diabetes in pregnancy as well as anyone who would like to have a better inside on the nutritional value of food through a visual tool.


Special thanks are dedicated to my lovely wife who has showed intense patience on my attempt to photograph each individual item. This website is dedicated to her.

This webpage will be extended and will include further nutritional information such as protein indented to be used in people wtih renal impairement as well as lipid content, indented to be used in people wtih high lipids. An incorporated tool will also be added including the glycaemid load of each food, a tool which will be particularly suitable in people with Diabetes in pregnancy and Diabetes Type 2. Finally a tool will be further included to help people with Type 1 Diabetes calculate the inslun adjustment based on particular forms of exercise.

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