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The Doctor Suggests...

Rye cracker with Smoked Salmon & soft cheese

Ryvita with Soft Cheese.jpg


  • x2 rye crackers (eg Ryvita) - Glycaemic Load:

  • x2 slices smoked salmon - Glycaemic Load: 0

  • x4 spoons light soft cheese (eg Philadelphia light cheese) - Glycaemic Load:

  • Fresh Parsley


  • Top each Crackerbread with x2 spoons of the light soft cheese and place a slice of smoked salmon on each cracker

  • You can sprinkle parsley for extra taste / decoration

Nutritional Info

Rye Crackers: 

Philadelphia cream (Light): kcals, fat: , Carbs: 

Smoked Salmon: kcals, Fat: 0.2, Carbs: gr., Protein: 0


Glycaemic Load:

Signed by Dr Xydas

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